• pokemon-go-nick_statt-2016-1-0-0

    The Future

    I recently attended an event in Boston (MITX) that was co-sponsored by MIT and Google, whose purpose was to explore the future of e-commerce. It was just what the doctor ordered, got the creative juices flowing. Specifically, Wayfair is doing some amazing work bringing augmented reality to e-commerce and Ministry of Supply is using 3D … Continue reading The Future

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  • rise-of-b2b

    Being B2B in a B2C world

    We’ve are currently working on a few “B2B” projects in parallel, and we had a few last year as well. While each is unique and special, there are some trends that I can tease out in an attempt to distinguish the two. After all, it’s still human beings who are buying and selling, it’s still … Continue reading Being B2B in a B2C world

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  • photos_ss_3

    The Production of Art

    Common scenario: you’re moving cities, or maybe just to the next neighborhood, it’s time for a fresh start. New digs, white walls, an opportunity to create a new space that reflects the new “you”. Herein we find a principal market for the decorative arts, a sub-industry of the massive home furnishings market. Generations ago we … Continue reading The Production of Art

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  • apron2

    Fast, cheap and tepid

    Wine clubs are showing up all over my radar. Services like Club W and Tasting Room curate selections to your taste, promising the excitement of discovery within the confines of your own comfort zone. It’s billed as a sort of moderated learning experience that shows up at your doorstep, on a convenient schedule. I’ve personally … Continue reading Fast, cheap and tepid

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  • bemz

    Uncommon upgrades is a terrific concept… they’ve identified a set of widely-owned commodity products that degrade over time, and, for little money, offer an upgrade that makes the original better than new. Specifically, Bemz provides a selection of upholstery options that are tailored to fit various furniture items from Ikea. For around $200, you can transform … Continue reading Uncommon upgrades

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  • harrys

    Redefining the Razor

    Harry’s makes nice razors and shaving cream, which isn’t all that novel, but in an industry dominated by poorly constructed, expensive products, it seems quite fresh and innovative. Specifically, Harry’s has focused on quality… they manufacture the blades in Germany and mix the cream with eucalyptus and peppermint. The handles are solid and attractive. The … Continue reading Redefining the Razor

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  • wm2

    Global cottage industry is not a great eCommerce site, but they do everything else so well that they’ve really captured my imagination. It’s a tribute to focusing in on a single, simple product that’s (in part) carried them from a seemingly charming kitchen project to national acclaim. Wondermade makes marshmallows, out of thin air (and some sugar). … Continue reading Global cottage industry

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