Complexity grows exponentially in connected environments, introducing multiple potential fail points and room for human error. Praxis brings a wealth of experience in integrated system design to every client engagement, ensuring that your success is sustainable and indeed prepares your business to accelerate in the future.

Complex solutions design

mobiAlign businesses to deliver greater value. Learn more about how we designed a highly integrated e-commerce system for the delivery of DRM video on mobile devices for MobiTV.

mobiGrow your systems to reflect dynamic business structures. Learn more about how we leveraged Magento to support more than 100,000 storefronts for Balfour, the largest manufacturer of class rings and yearbooks.

Architecting to scale

photosGrow your offering to support expanding business opportunities. Learn more about how we extended Magento for to support upwards of 10 million SKUs, using elastic search.

Delivery excellence

  • Engage with confidence. Learn more about agile software development process, the methodology we use to deliver on time, at budget.
  • Do the right thing. Leverage the internal research we’ve accrued with years of experience to dig deep into focused areas in your storefront that may benefit best practice review.