Redefining the Razor


Harry’s makes nice razors and shaving cream, which isn’t all that novel, but in an industry dominated by poorly constructed, expensive products, it seems quite fresh and innovative.

Specifically, Harry’s has focused on quality… they manufacture the blades in Germany and mix the cream with eucalyptus and peppermint. The handles are solid and attractive. The brand is retro and trustworthy.

But what I really like about what they’re doing is they’ve traded Gillette’s famous model (wherein they essentially give away the handle and price up the blades) for a more reasonably priced subscription. The blades are of comparable quality at half the cost, and providing a recurring billing option is actually a welcome idea that gives the company some forecasting visibility.

Jeff Raider (of Warby Parker) is on the masthead, here, and I think that this company is going to do really well… it’s a great mix of product focus, savvy business model and management pedigree.