The Production of Art


Common scenario: you’re moving cities, or maybe just to the next neighborhood, it’s time for a fresh start. New digs, white walls, an opportunity to create a new space that reflects the new “you”. Herein we find a principal market for the decorative arts, a sub-industry of the massive home furnishings market.

Generations ago we worked out how to print ink on paper, but as consumers became more sophisticated, the marketing challenge became matching product with a varied taste, and the supply chain economics required production on demand. In e-commerce, this means serving up an immense catalog that caters to any taste, any time, to anyone… a task that tests most software platforms to their limits.

Recently, we delivered just such a solution on Magento, a collaboration with New Era (a local printing service) and Getty (the well known image repository). Our goal was to scale Magento to support a catalog of 70 million images, and convert them to products that comprised hundreds of permutations (framing, size and substrate). This is something that Magento does not support natively, so we had to get creative.

Briefly, we constructed a product scaffolding in Magento that represented the various combinations, and fused this with a front end discovery engine that we pushed into Elastic Search. Once categories and search results were populating from the flat-file database, we were able to achieve impressive performance, while maintaining the rich feature set that Magento natively offers.

We enjoy solving the hard technical problems that help businesses distinguish themselves. If you’ve run into a wall, pushed your business as far as you think it can go, we would like to help you to go a bit farther.

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