Weidenhammer acquires Praxis

We are excited to announce that Weidenhammer Systems has acquired Praxis Information Science.  The acquisition forms a new group within Weidenhammer comprised of members from both teams.

Since 1978, Weidenhammer has pioneered delivery excellence in a range of practices in information technology including infrastructure management, application development and creative services. 

Founded in 2007, Praxis has built a focused e-commerce consultancy with deep roots in the Magento ecosystem and a strong track record of innovating internally and on behalf of clients.

We believe that this combination creates a stronger organization that can advocate for end users in an agile fashion, at scale.

Q & A

Why did Praxis decide to sell to Weidenhammer?

For nearly ten years, Jon Bownds and Martin Casey worked together to build a practice, a team and a brand that stood for innovation in the e-commerce space. Along the way, they morphed from programmers to managers and grew into sales and marketing. In 2016, they engaged Jason Crickmer to transform the business into an organization that could evolve beyond its founders. The acquisition by Weidenhammer furthers this goal by opening up new opportunities for our customers and our team. It also provides a platform for significant growth in our combined business.

Who is Weidenhammer and what experience does the company bring to customers?

Weidenhammer, founded in 1978 and headquartered in Reading, PA, identifies and integrates new technologies that help companies run smarter and grow faster. Weidenhammer maintains 6 offices in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Colorado, and has 175 professionals on staff. The company has core competencies in consulting, software development, infrastructure solutions, cloud and managed services, digital/interactive design, as well as school district administrative solutions. Weidenhammer has strategic relationships with Cisco, Microsoft, HP, IBM, EMC, VMWare, and Softdocs. More information about the firm can be found at www.hammer.net .

What is happening to the Praxis staff?

All employees and contractors will be retained in the acquisition. The new group will include teams based in Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania and Argentina and will be led by Jason Crickmer.

Will Praxis customers get the same level of support as they currently have?

Yes. Current projects will carry on as before, your contacts will remain the same and production will continue as usual. We expect to provide continuity of service during and after the acquisition. What’s more, the Weidenhammer Team enhances our capabilities and adds additional resources.

Will customers need to sign new support contracts with Weidenhammer?

Yes. The new group will operate as a division of Weidenhammer and we will be working with you to put new contracts in place.

Will our fees or business arrangements change?

No. All fee arrangements and terms of doing business will remain the same.

What benefits will customers see as a result of the acquisition?

The new group will focus on delivering digital transformation oriented around the dominant platform in a high growth industry, Magento. We believe that this combination creates a stronger organization that can advocate for end users in an agile fashion, at scale.

Where can customers go for more information?

For more information, we invite you to go to Weidenhammer’s newly created web page at www.hammer.net/praxis-acquisition.

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