Kendra Scott


In 2012, when Praxis first engaged with Kendra Scott, the brand was ten years old, with an emerging wholesale business, a single retail storefront and a small online presence. Since then, the company has matured into global, multimillion-dollar interest with plans to open its 40th store in 2015, and is sold at renowned retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and 1,000+ specialty boutiques worldwide. But perhaps more significantly, e-commerce now represents their highest-volume and fastest-growing channel.

Much of this success has been credited to the technology-forward leadership team. Today, a Kendra Scott customer benefits from a cohesive online and in-store experience. The company knows who attended local “girls’ night” events and who who among them are loyal online customers.

Central to this omnichannel strategy is the company’s unique offering to customers who prefer to take a “hands on” approach to the jewelry they know they are going to wear, everyday. The Color Bar empowers users to prototype their own personal creations by combining 37 base styles, 4 metal tones and 21 stones in a way that is engaging to grandmothers and children alike. The Color Bar also provides customers with a story that reenforces the Kendra Scott position as a fun, affordable alternative to fine jewelry.

Praxis developed an early version of the Color Bar in 2012 when the company was racing to adapt to an increasingly mobile user-base. We designed the solution to render equally beautifully on desktops and phones, and created an “HD” version to be displayed on capacitive touch screens in the physical stores. Since then, we have further refined the interface and the company expanded to accommodate new designs and adapt to component inventories.

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