Powering native video clients on the top four mobile carriers in the United States, MobiTV is the company you might not have heard of, but you probably use daily (especially if you’re a sports fan). If you’ve ever watch a professional sporting event on your mobile device, chances are MobiTV was working behind the scenes.

The pricing engine that we built for MobiTV, atop Magento’s robust API is a great (if uncommon) example of how Magento can seamlessly integrate with external systems via standard protocols (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC). In this case, Magento served as a highly customized “headless” catalog for DRM media, which was ultimately served up through external clients.

Intrinsic to the migration was building a programmatic bridge to an ERP, a separate financial reporting system, a DRM system, a CDN and a frontend mobile delivery interface, all of which had to work in concert for a transaction to take place.

Our approach was consultative and high-touch, in order to give voice to a range of stakeholders across business divisions. To achieve the rollout on time and within budget, we applied a blended management style, pulling from both waterfall and agile methodologies.

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