Quantum Postcards


QuantumDigital makes targeted direct mail simple and fast. By combining 24-hour turnaround speed, easy-to-use tools, mailing list services, and an affordable turnkey approach, QuantumDigital helps businesses and marketing professionals target their marketing and reach customers faster.

Praxis engaged with QuantumDigital to reimagine their crossover brand “Quantum Postcards”. A breakout service to their core product, QP engages with an audience that expects the complex, integrated suite of services offered to B2B customers, wrapped in the compelling and beautiful user experience that prevails in B2C.

Initiating with an audit of the brand’s current state and the company’s direction for it ongoing, we conducted a competitive analysis and proposed a vision that actively nurtured the user pathways of each of the property’s distinct customer bases, while promoting QD’s signature support offering, the “WOW guarantee”.

In support of exceeding the high expectations of the brand’s new B2C target audience, we built out the vision in a responsive fashion, so that the store was optimized for shoppers on mobile and desktop devices alike.

Our work with QuantumDigital highlights a trend that we are actively tracking with our clients and generally, in the wholesale/retail landscape. We believe that 2015 is the year when B2B companies will start leveraging many of the innovations that were piloted in B2C e-commerce.

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