Success, we believe, entails more than an on-time, on-budget delivery. Success is the exacting creation of a product that exceeds expectation, the result of a process that is rapid, focused on quality and adaptive to changing needs. We have adopted the agile methodology in pursuit of these concurrent goals.


Great work comes from great detail. The more we understand your needs, the better the end result. Our project managers drill down in the requirements gathering phase to translate your requirements into actionable, measurable “stories.” These stories become the incremental objectives that, when completed, comprise the project deliverables.

Working in tandem with our project managers to craft the project details provides direct input and a high degree of clarity into deliverables, timelines and budgeting, while enabling our developers a full understanding of the tasks laid before them in terms of your business objectives.


Having detailed exactly what we’re building, we hand over requirements to our agile scrum and kanban teams (depending on scope and complexity). We devote flexible, multivariate teams to work on your project tasks, rather than assigning tasks to single developers, to optimize the development effort for quality, stability and value of the work product.

Testing is threaded into every level of our development process. Each developer shares their work with other team members for review, feedback and quality control. Approved work is versioned and promoted to staging environments for operational testing.


Code goes live only after extensive internal testing and client sign-off. After promotion, we conduct additional testing to ensure viability in production environments using private DNS, so that any environment-specific errors are not surfaced to end-users.

Our use and adaptation of agile has been shown to improve outcomes, reduce costs and decrease time to market. But, just as with any production methodology, value is generated from the collaborative partnership that develops with our clients. We work interactively with stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that we remain our most effective in environments where business objectives can, will and should be dynamic in nature.

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